Martin Reardon Op-Ed in Aljazeera English: For Europe, Questions Remain as to US Foreign Policy

February 21, 2017


For Europe, Questions Remain as to US Foreign Policy


Aljazeera English

By : Martin Reardon

For more than 50 years, the Munich Security Conference has served as a global forum on international security, with both public and private events involving heads of state, foreign and defence ministers, other notable government officials, international organisations and policy experts from more than 70 countries.

This year, however, was perhaps the most remarkable ever in terms of geopolitical crisis needing immediate attention, but with no apparent resolution in sight.

With an agenda that included everything from nuclear proliferation to civil wars in Syria, Libya and Yemen, the refugee crisis, terrorism, a resurgence of nationalism, and escalating regional rivalries, there was much to discuss, both publicly and behind closed doors where ideas are more likely to lead to action – sometimes good and sometimes not.

But also on the minds of those in attendance, particularly officials from the European Union, was the future of the United States’ foreign policy under the Trump administration.

Would the US continue its key role in helping to maintain a liberal world order or would it turn inward and adopt a non-interventionist foreign policy? And that’s a wholly justifiable concern given the frank and sometimes-bizarre rhetoric of US President Donald Trump towards Europe.

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