With comprehensive security-training programs that foster focused professional development, we provide classes that are fully tailored to local, national, regional, or industry specific needs and objectives. Our range of specialized professional courses emphasize a hands on approach to training, where students learn to apply classroom theories and concepts to real life situations through practical application, under close mentorship from our highly skilled and experienced instructors.

Unique within the region, QIASS provides a robust TASER training program directly certified by TASER International. Additionally, QIASS can provide TASER equipment and maintenance services helping clients develop an effective less than lethal operational capability.

All of our training can be conducted in either English or Arabic, with course materials and aids available in both languages. Our expert cadre of interpreters all hold bachelor degrees in Translation and masters degrees in Interpretation. They are also certified by the United Nations in Translation and Interpretation.

+ Investigations

+ Intelligence

+ Tactical Training

+ Cyber Security

+ Critical Infrastructure Protection

+ Physical and Industrial Security

+ Technical Security

+ Cultural Intelligence

+ Specialized Training


The QIASS Language School provides intensive, full time training for select students in thirteen languages. Students enrolled in the language program generally take at least three years to complete the program and graduate at an advanced level. Classes are led by native speakers with extensive training in language pedagogy, and are conducted in an immersive environment that encourages students to begin actively using their target language from day one. In addition to becoming proficient in speaking, reading, writing and listening, students are also exposed to the cultural and historical contexts of the language they are studying. Following their language training at QIASS, students are afforded an opportunity to study abroad in order to use those skills in a native environment. The Language School itself is structured around principles of Quality Assurance, and is fully accredited by EAQUALS (Evaluation & Accreditation of Quality in Language Services), a prominent European accrediting body that specializes in multiple language programs.

+ Chinese

+ Filipino

+ French

+ German

+ Hebrew

+ Italian

+ Japanese

+ Korean

+ Persian-Farsi

+ Russian

+ Spanish

+ Turkish

+ Urdu



  • Law enforcement
  • Intelligence
  • Military
  • Foreign Affairs
  • National Critical Infrastructure


  • Financial/Banking
  • Aviation
  • Maritime
  • Oil and Gas
  • Security